Services Offered



Several kinds of writing and editing services are available to authors.  Fees depend on 

your needs. An overview with details below include:

  • Review/evaluation of your manuscript or article as to it's readiness for publication.
  • General editing, copyediting, restructuring as needed. Suggestions for title and subtitle as related to content, grammar, punctuation; may also include sentence and paragraph restructuring as needed and checking for proper flow.
  •  'Conversational' English, means rewriting already translated English manuscripts into conversational English, rather than the literal translation..
  • ​Coaching for writing your book.
  • Ghostwriting for those who do not currently have a manuscript and need help getting thoughts down.
  • Legacy writing and/or Ethical Will writing is an exciting way to leave a legacy for descendants.

Details for review and editing services

A review/evaluation of an author's work and its readiness for publication.  Fees for

 this service are as follows: 


$110 for under 40k word manuscript

$160 for 40k to 70k words (average)

$215 for those over 70k 

Payment is requested through PayPal to this address (

 unless other arrangements are made. 

I then request an unformatted  Word document.  This allows me to make suggestions 

right on the document. Pdf format and some other forms of files cannot be altered and 

are sometimes a problem to convert for review or editing. 

The review will consist of a one to two page evaluation on several points throughout the content. I will also include a free sample edit, if appropriate. 

You may choose to implement the changes yourself, or as an alternative, if you do not 

have the time or wish to do so, I am available for additional services. Again, fees vary as each manuscript is unique depending on its needs. 

I promise to be fair, honest and offer a review/evaluation lovingly and helpfully to assist 

you in creating a quality manuscript with the potential for success.  Therefore, suggestions for improvement may be offered.

Editing Services can be as simple as checking for typos in spelling, grammar and punctuation or more involved, including some restructuring and/or even ghostwriting.

Types of Editing

Depending on the readiness of your manuscript and your goals, here are some options.  Fees will vary depending on length of manuscript, work required, and time involved.  

Types of editing that may be needed are:

A.  It can be as simple as  general editing that includes grammar, punctuation and fixing typos.

B. In addition to the above, it may also require what is referred to as line editing and/or copyediting. This is particularly important for non-fiction. There are different levels of copyediting. It is much more comprehensive and may involve restructuring of sentences and/or paragraphs where needed for better flow.  

C. In some cases it may require eliminating unnecessary content or expanding on some points in the content in order to add clarity.  In more advanced cases it could also mean moving some content around, doing research, checking claims for accuracy and making sure it flows well.  If appropriate, suggestions or recommendations for titles, subtitles, etc, can be made based on the content.

Conversational English - If your first language is not English, but you have had your work translated into English, it may still require some extensive restructuring so that it flows well and is in 'conversational English' for a western/American market rather than in a literal translation.

Proofreading is normally done after you have received your proof copy or copies. It is the final step before you hit the publishing button (for those who are self-publishing.)  By this time you should already have a marketing plan in place, so that you are off and running when it comes off the presses.

Fees for all editing services are based on the length of manuscript, the amount and 

type of work that is needed and the estimated amount of time it will take to complete.  

Each manuscript is also unique in content and the number of drafts required.  As it progresses, there may be other issues that need addressed that would add additional 

cost (or it could end up being less than the original estimate.)  

Fees can be quoted once we have completed a review/evaluation process to determine what is needed.  If it works for you we can proceed with a good faith deposit/down payment; subsequent payments are usually made as the work progresses.  I look forward 

to hearing your story and am honored to assist in the process.

Procedure Options

Opt. 1 - If you wish to be involved in the process and be kept informed every step of the way,  I normally work the editing process by sending the author a chapter or a section 

at a time to review.  To accept  color-coded  edits, you need do nothing.  To make any additions or comments simply add them to the Word document in different (unused) 

colors. Return it to me and I will make all appropriate changes, remove the color-coding 

and save to the next draft.  I then add it to the queue to proceed with the work; the queue is usually not a problem, as I continue to work on others while waiting for work to be returned.

The color-coding system I use seems to work better as changes are easier to see and less confusing than all the lines generated in Word Tracker.  

The timeframe is largely determined by how soon we are able to get it back to each other.  

Opt. 2 - Some  who do not  have the time or wish to be that involved, may prefer this option. I will edit and restructure as needed and submit for your review/approval.  You can then make  changes or comments in a different color and we will recreate a new draft from that point.  Of course,  I will seek your opinion if I encounter a questionable area that needs clarity; we can also discuss what might work best for the book.  This too can be done in chapters or sections as desired, or if you prefer, at the completion of each draft.

Opt. 3 - If you do not yet have a completed manuscript and wish to have it edited as you progress, we can work on a 'per chapter' basis. I request an initial good faith deposit/down payment; I will then give you a pre-estimate as each chapter progresses. If it works for you, 

I will then put it in queue. ​

Other Services Available


Coaching for Writing Your Book

Coaching is normally free for the first 30 days, there will be a fee beyond that unless we are working together on a project you have signed up for. 

Throughout my years as an editor and writer, I have had the honor of assisting hundreds of authors in getting their messages out.  To assist you in preparing, I offer my free e-booklet:


A Tutorial Guide for Authors, Creating from the Soul - (2017 edition) 

It is designed to help you organize your thoughts and prepare your book for editing. To receive your e-booklet, please click button below to the contact from on the About page. 

Get Guide


May be best for those who do not currently have a manuscript and need help getting thoughts down.  This is usually the proverbial ‘starting from scratch’ book.  If you have always wanted to write a book or are inspired to share life’s lessons with others, I can help you.  Perhaps you  prefer not to write it yourself  so don't need coaching.  Or maybe you just don't have the time, I can help you.

If you have no content to work with yet, we will use various methods to obtain your story.  This can be done through phone interviews, emails and whenever possible, in-person interviews with you and even others  in your story to get their perspective. 

It may also involve research when and wherever is necessary.  In addition, if you already have a rough draft to work with, such as notes, journals, photos, recordings, we can incorporate these assets as a basis for a starting point. 

This does not mean it all needs to be used in your book;  we will take the best content and expand on it.

As far as costs associated with ghostwriting, a free consultation is offered so that I may know your goal and vision for your book, expected length, desired timeframe  and the particulars involved.  Because there are so many variables to take into account, it is impossible to give an estimate until we know what we are dealing with and what the bigger picture looks like. 

Obviously, because we are starting from scratch, creating a manuscript in this way will be more costly than just editing.  Another factor would be if there is a need for research online or through travel and what all it would entail.  However, many beautiful and successful stories have been written in this way and were so worth it to the author, as well as the readers.  I am confidant that we will create the book you are envisioning; we just have to capture that vision. 

Leaving a Legacy Services


Let Me Tell Your Story

For those who have always wanted to write their own book or just tell their story, together we can make it happen.  If you lack the time or necessary skills to do so, a ghostwriter 

could be your best solution.

If your life has taken unprecedented twists and turns that have taught you life’s lessons 

the hard way, one of your life purposes may be to share your story and/or those experiences in order for others to learn.  It is one way in which we can give back to the universe.  In addition, it can even help with the healing process.  

As an experienced editor, writer, and/or ghostwriter, I would be honored to assist in making  those dreams come true.  Even though I write and edit in several different genres, I am open to discussing any of the possibilities that will best fit your needs.  It may be written as fiction may be fiction or non-fiction.  I specialize in  non-fiction, such as in writing your memoirs, how-to guides, novels, personal development, or self-help guides.

If you already have written written notes or journals, I suggest we begin with the review/evaluation process to see what is needed.  If not, we can decide the best course of action to meet your goals.

What is Legacy Writing?

Basically, it is the recording of your life story or any portion of it in written, audio or in both forms.  We all have memories that include the facts, the experience of it, the feelings and emotions involved and what we learned from it.  We strive to capture these memories and format them in story form so that you will be proud to share them with or leave for your descendants.  You need not include anything you don’t wish to, but keep in mind that those who read it will not only better understand what you were going through at that time, why you made the choices you made and possibly learn from them.  They will also be grateful that you shared them.  Anyway, secrets always have a way of coming out.  Isn’t it better that they hear the story from your perspective?

What is an Ethical Will?

This can also be worked into your life story or done separately, but it mainly deals with 

the emotional and perhaps, the spiritual side of your personality.  In other words, it is 

about who you are as a person.  It will state your values, beliefs and the lessons life has taught you.  In addition, not only will it list yours, but especially your hopes and dreams 

for those who follow you. They will know without a doubt, what you are about and the concerns of your heart. It is the perfect opportunity for you to share your hopes and dreams for them.

There is no greater gift that we can ever give to our descendants than the gift of a legacy.  It is not merely  a distribution of our possessions, funds or anything else in an estate, but a written or oral record of our lives, letting them know who we were, where they came from and the meaning of our lives. 

By the same token, we can give that gift to our living ancestors as well (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles), by arranging for them to get their lives and thoughts recorded now.  It will jog their precious memories and not only make them aware of the memory, but of what they were feeling at the time. It is especially important that they 

make note of what they have learned from the experiences.  This they can pass on to 

their heirs as kind of a living legacy. Imagine having been able to read the memoirs of 

your parents, grandparents or your great-grandparents.  What valuable lessons might 

you have learned that would have helped you understand how things in your life came 

to be?  How did they handle the joys and sorrows in their lives?

The purpose is to help you obtain and preserve these facts, memories and lessons, 

before they are lost forever.  I know first hand what I have lost by waiting too long and 

I am determined to do my part to see that it doesn’t happen to you.  

Several options are offered to assist you in achieving that goal. The cost is determined 

by a number of factors:

1. The size and scope of your project. Is it an entire life you want to document or specific events?  The interview process, while it can be lengthy, is worth it and is normally done 

in intervals either in person or by phone, if necessary.

2. The amount of data you would like included, such as facts, stories, photos, and memorabilia. It is your choice.

3. Depending on the size of the project, it may require several weeks or months to 


4. Whether or not any research is required.

It works a little like ghostwriting, depending on how much information you are able to supply.  We can fill in with info acquired through interviews. I can promise you will not 

regret it

Because legacy writing and ethical will writing are a little like ghostwriting, fees will be based on what is needed and a free consultation is offered to determine that.